Wednesday 9 October 2013

Prevailing Disparity in the World

Life is unpredictable, nobody, actually, knows what does happen in the successive moments of life.Life is a wholesome of joys and sorrows; it requires many sacrifices from a person’s side. It demands many painstaking strides and continuous efforts to be able to reach the destination. Today, human has become able to pursue what he wants. He has developed almost every possibility that makes his life more comfortable and happy.

In this world, we can see a lot of trouble and turmoil persistently amplifying the problems and issues at both national and international level. These issues range from political, economic, social to psychological, human, individual, and collective and issues related to peace and prosperity.

However, we have realized and achieved milestone success in the field of technology and science, on the one hand and on other hand, we do adversely affect our own lives as it is commonly observed that every invention and thing has its pros and cons. Sometimes, we become indecisive to the situation and circumstance that we could not be able to make the right decision that adds in our tension and further sucks our minds. In the society like ours – means Pakistani people are severely deprived and they are hand to mouth, they just thinking of their basic needs and strive from dawn to dusk in fulfillment of these wants and needs and they hardly imagine about things like innovation and creativity. I personally have observed that those whose background are sound in terms of wealth and have full support by family in their life, they tend to be more fearless and possess social and generally creative skills that people who are empty belly do not think even in decades. This tarnished and tortured sector of society just ends up in nothingness and passes away in an unfulfilled desires keeping in the pending this is the absolutely damn life of the poor.

Education plays really a pivotal role for an individual, family, clan, community, society, city, region, state, colony, province, nation, country, and for the whole world in general.

Horizon of education is not limited to just reading and writing rather it far more than that it is about making a man human, it is about making aware of rights and responsibilities, it is about the learning the “art of life” – art of life means learning how to lead a peaceful life and how to focus upon once own wrong deeds and self-assessing oneself in all spheres and perspectives. Education creates the sense of ethics, sense of maturity, sense of differentiation, sense of understanding others as well as oneself, it is about learning the learning, and admitting one’s mistakes and forgiving others, education develops the sense of respect among the individuals for elderly people; it stresses constructive argumentation on various issues and problems to which humanity is faced with.

A Chinese proverb goes like these that if you want to enslave any nation just destroy its education system and create a fight among the masses over the loaf of bread. Just snatch the pen from their hands and kill their creativity and innovation. Same goes on in our country, individualism is prioritize over collectivism, where vested interest is preferred over national interest. Where there individual up lift is manifolds with the pace of time. Ours is the society where racism, caste system, sectarianism, nationalism, feudalism and many uncountable social ills persist and these ills are slowly and gradually eating up our whole entity and making us more dependent and slave to other nations and pushing us into the dark times whereby we will again be used for other’s motives. Since independent, we are struggling to be self sufficient but anti-Pakistan elements always have done heart-rending and shocking damages and dooms in the land of pure land.

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