Wednesday 9 October 2013

Current State of Affairs in Pakistan

In 21st century, where world is heading towards economic and technological development, meanwhile, Pakistan is still striving to get out fuss and mess that has been continually created by different political arenas since independence. Political instability has been an epidemic issue for Pakistan whose roots are too tight among the feuds and some elite dynasties that have dominated the poor in various ways in the whole journey from independence to till now. These dynasties have kept stronghold over the national resources and have exploited for their vested interests. 

            Since inception, Pakistan has witnessed short span of time in which bit of the development and progress took place in some sectors otherwise, major span has remained idle and no such a substantial progress took place. 

           In Pakistan, there are approximately more than dozen political parties. PPP, PML-N, JUI, MQM have historically dominated the political picture. In their respective tenures, many mishaps took place and many issues and problems rose. But now paradigm shift is taking place and change is coming. People have been exhausted from this mess up. Now they prone to see new faces in parliament and want them to do distinctive job for the overall progress and development of country. 

           After 9/11 attacks, US blamed Taliban for the attacks made over World Trade Centre.US made an alliance in the shape of NATO, and declared war on Afghanistan Taliban. Gradually and slowly conditions went worst in South Asian region and effects of this war started spreading among neighboring countries specially Pakistan. People from Afghanistan began to migrate to Pakistan in chunks and got refuge in Pakistan’s various cities and regions. Meanwhile national and international insurgents started bomb blasting in bordering areas initially and then slowly entered into major metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Security issues increased and uncertainty grew among the stakeholders of nation. 

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