Friday, 2 August 2013

Lailatul Qadr The Night Of Power

As we all know that the Holy month of Ramadan is on the peak, Ashra of rehmat and maghfirat (1st and 2nd Ashra) has passed, Ashra of nijaat ( The 3rd Ashra) has been started here is the point to think what we get through out this whole  month, do we make the most of it or we just waste our time in un-useful worldly things.

Ramdan is a very precious month which provides us opportunity to make good habits, as during roza(Fast) we leave sins so by practicing this in whole month of ramadan eventually we are able to leave sins in Ramadan it will become very easy task because among our two enemies shaitan and nafs, our one enemy is captured that is shaitan. So it is the month making good habits and ask forgiveness from almighty Allah, if one does not deload his sins by askng magfirat then our prophet did bad dua for that person so check yourself and if you did not ask for magfirat yet then do it right now because month of blessng is about to end it is now just a guest of 7 to 8 days, On the other hand running ashra also givng us a great gift in the form of laila tul qadar - a very valuable night in which if you pray whole night you will blessed with the reward of staying 83 years and Four months, if we think about it then we will realise that it is a great gift from our lord because if we look at average age years of we people then we have just 60-65 years of life, So if we pray in that night then it is as if we pray in whole life but lailatul qadr is the hidden night in last ashras odd nights i.e 21st,23rd,25th,27th and 29th and we should pray in all nights as no body know when it is, But there are some signs of it that night,

Signs Of Lailatul Qadr Night - The Night Of Power-

First, Lailatul qadr occur that night will not very hot nor very cold, Second sign is that next day when sun rises it will without strong rays or without rays, Third sign is that as we know that lailatul qadr is very peaceful night, and in this night your will not hear any barking of dog.

So Try to pray as much as you can in these nights, and Try to get maximum sawab in the precious and valauble month of Ramadan.

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