Saturday 27 July 2013

Role Of Education In The Development Of Society

Education plays vital role in the development of society. It develops consciousness among the masses that pave the way for development and prosperity.

 If we look at history then we can find that what so far human have achieved in this world is the result of perpetual struggle and proper education. However,  here question arises that what kind of education is that? Education is that which liberate, but the educational system which we have today is not so functional. We have formed education as a source of earning. In this way we have limited it's ground. This kind of education do not provide a way forward, but it causes more troubles.

From K.G to college level we teach our student competition and on other hand we teach them mutualism. Both competition and mutualism cannot go hand in hand. Both are opposite to each other. Competition causes hatred,Jealousy and envy. In this way, we are producing an army of hypocrites. Our students have got just degrees in their hands; they do not know the meaning and purpose of education. If we look at history then we can find that all the great scientists and Philosophers got such education which was totally unbiased. They thought freely and liberate their ideas. Their sole purpose was service of humanity. Whereas today's student though talks about service but he promotes rivalry, bias and prejudicial attitude. Therefore, all the factors of society should promote proper education for the development of society.

 Moreover, another role of education is to promote peace, harmony, and tolerance. It is observed that human mind have achieved novel inventions and discoveries in the state of peace and tranquility. In this way education can cause peace, and peace causes development and prosperity...

Apart from this education gives awareness and with the help of this very important tool human can differentiate between right and wrong; true and false. Therefore, education is such a weapon that helps a human in the development of society. Education can cure all the acute and chronic problems of society and make it worth living..“Mehran Mukhtiar”

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