Saturday 20 April 2013

-RAMADAN KAREEM- Islamic Fasting And Its Benefits

Fasting: It is an act when one willingly restrain him or herself for food, drink or both for specific period of time this period varies from 24 hours, one day or may be for more than one day. Other fasts possibly partially restrictive limiting particular stuffs or food

Islamic Fasting

If we talk about Islamic fasting then it is called SAWM in Islamic terminology. Fasting is the third pillar of Islam. SAWM is Arabic word means to restrain from eating and drinking in daylight hours. It is among the five pillars of Islam and it is mandatory (FARD, compulsory) for all Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan (RAMAZAN) is the ninth 9th month in Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a very holy and sacred month in which every adult Muslim fasts for the whole month.

Islamic fasting is different from other fasts it is not only the act of abstaining food and liquid But fasting precludes eating, drinking, smoking, watching bad things, and saying bad words. Acting sincerely from dawn to sunset for the sake of Allah, It is an act to seek nearness of Allah. The remote aim of it to empathize the poor ones who don't always have food, to thank God (Allah) for making among the fortunate ones that we have food and other stuff.

Fasting also carries different spiritual meanings it teaches us how to control desires and yearnings i.e. hunger ,thirst, anger, sex and immoral thoughts, if one doesn’t fulfil all condition  and just only stops him or herself for food and drink then it is only like a starvation and that person will not accomplish the actual spiritual benefits of Fasting.

Spiritual Benefits: fasting serves to clean inner soul by teaching patience and self-control to help control temper and passion not in the month of Ramadan but after it whole year.

Physical benefits: it includes reduces risk of cancer, insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, immune disorders and most generally slowing aging process and helps to controls obesity and very effective in improving metabolic system.