Saturday 27 April 2013

Art Of Beading

Beading is an art to form things like jewelry, wall hanging, sculpture and dozens of other crafts through beads. Now What are beads they are small rounded (now a days other shapes are also available) piece of glass, stone etc. These beads are attached to one another or a cloth via needle and thread or via flexible wire. These beads are easily available in the markets in different sizes, shapes, different colors and material

Plastic Bead Art, Bead Work Doll Dress

Plactic Bead Art, Camel

Plastic Bead Art, Camel And Loin

Plastic Bead Art, Basket

Plastic Bead Art, Bed

Plastic Bead Art, Tissue Paper Cover

Beading techniques: are classified into following groups.

1. Loom weaving
2. Off loom weaving
3. Stringing
4. Bead crochet
5. Bead knitting

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