Monday, 4 March 2013

Why Pakistan Film Industry Is Declining

The continues disliking of our own country movies is not means that our perception about our movies are wrong, or we are now being a habitual of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, but the actual reason for this continues disliking is our film industry is not showing what is our real culture, in simple they are just convey a wrong message to whole world that Pakistani culture is something like that. We Pakistani people always like to watch movies with our family, but here our Pakistani film industry is producing movies that are really not matching with our culture. So according to me this factor is one of the influencing factor that  do not allow we Pakistani people to like or even watch our own movies,  but if we go back in past  there was the time when Pakistani peoples really like Pakistani movies, they were really crazy for Pakistani movies, and that was the golden period of  Pakistani film industry, not only in Pakistan but round the world everyone was really  found off Pakistani movies, according to me the reasons of this liking was, on that time Pakistani film industry was do care about the culture of Pakistan and  On that time the stories was realistic and good.

I don’t know why our film industry is not caring about the real culture of we Pakistani people, we are the citizens of Muslim state, and our culture do not allow us to watch that kind of movies. There is no any single point in our Pakistani movies that really matching with our real culture. Just think for a while and give answer to yourself, Is there any space in our culture for any village girl to dance in inappropriate clothes with her boyfriend?, probably Your answer will be a big NO, Because this is far away from our real culture. And that is the reason of continues downfall of Pakistani film industry.

If Pakistani film industry really wants to capture the market of Pakistan, then first they have to change their thinking, they have to produce movies that really match with our culture, they have to produce movies that gives some sort of knowledge, because through movies we learn many of positive things, Stories should be realistic and good, movies name should not be like “GUJAR” this name is enough to make cinema hall empty, so selection of movies names is one of the important part, and ultimately this will attract people and motivate people to watch movie.


  1. pakistani dramas are better than indian

  2. now a days pakistani film industry is showing complet behayae. N i think that is the main reason of declinng ov our film industry

  3. The continues disliking of our own country movies is not means that our perception about our movies are wrong, - domain name

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