Sunday 3 March 2013

Teacher is the Builder of Nation

Teacher is the most important figure in our society. He is the person who moulds a society in conscious, civilized, systematic, and organized and discipline way. Teacher plays a vital role in the development of social. He is a builder of the nation. If a teacher is sincere with his job, then he can reform the society accordingly. In developed and civilized countries of the world, teacher has given due respect according to his profession. They are fully aware that only a teacher can produce responsible citizens. A responsible teacher serves his life for the betterment and well being of his nation. But a teacher's personal life is not so happy. he get a low pay his high educational qualification do not help him to live a good life, although he works very hard in school he spends most of his time in the process of learning. A teacher actually knows that what is the actual worth of education, he knows that without education life is like a closed dark room, A good teacher always loves his students and cares of their welfare. He never wastes his time but tries to serve his nation in every possible way. Simply we can say, he is the soldier of the nation, who save his country from all social evils, and provide a wayfarward for future riddles. And he believe in a quotation that “Teaching is as own rewards" 

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