Thursday 14 February 2013

Who Take Intuition Decisions?

Every educated and layman people take intuition decisions because in many situations when we haven’t enough time or knowledge about thing and we have to take decision on the spot then we go with our inner feeling, what do our heart say do it i.e. two friends go to market, one friend want to buy shirt and other friend haven’t intention to buy anything.

In the market when one friend was purchasing other friend go to other shop just for window shopping but there he likes a wrist watch and don’t knew about brand name of watch and also don’t what actual price of watch would be? But because of he likes and heartily wants to buy it then he take intuition decision and buy that watch.

And when he shows his new watch to his friend, his friend wonder and say wow! That is true Rolex watch and reasonable price of it. That is intuition decision that later became a good decision. Some other examples would be: guys don’t go today to Hill Park, might today my boss would be in good mood and give me vacation leaves etc,

Many times in our life we take intuition decisions sometime in restaurant, sometime in markets (mobile, garment, books etc) and sometime in gathering with friends i.e. during sitting at the one friend’s home and suddenly one other friend raise voice and say stand up we will go to market for window shopping. It is generally happened in friendships. If we say intuition general theory then wouldn’t be false because we take it generally in our life.

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