Thursday 14 February 2013

Negative Impact of Rewards On Performance

It is sure that one perform certain action because one has some purpose or motive to perform certain action, one works ten hours a day because he/ she has motive behind getting salary in return, students studies for better grades and getting good jobs. This is what we call them rewards for them, that motive one to perform certain action.

We give rewards to person that they could perform desired behavior, person has two motivations behind the intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation could be fulfilled by giving enjoyment tasks and extrinsic motivation through reward, however we give rewards we give high rewards but we does not get desired performance because we may not fulfill their intrinsic motivation, for example you give higher pay to employee but employee wants that he should be given respect then there high reward (salary) does not work. Or other  employee become overconfidence when he/she gets rewards, for example parents give all care, love, fulfill their needs that he/ she should obey and act according to required level in return, but result is that they does give required behavior.

For example: people who are awarded scholarship, and then they do not give such concentration then those of who does not have scholarship, they become overconfidence and irresponsible because we have given them what they want, we fully give taken back that stimuli that keep one motivated for example salary or pay for which one is very much anxious, and this motivate one to work hard, so we have fulfilled his this need so much that person does have other need so one will not be anxious of anything hence no desired performance will be achieved.

In short Rewards Should Be given up to some level that employee anxiousness for work always remains there.

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