Tuesday 26 February 2013

Hope Is The Balm Of Life

Hope is balm of life, it is actually connected with our future, like we plan for our future on the basis of our hope. Everybody in this world lives on hope. But one thing we should keep in our mind that we must always hope for the best and leave all the rest on God.

Without hope life would become like a life without oxygen and very difficult to pass, we plan and work but the results are in the hands of Almighty Allah. Actually in simple words we can say that we all live on hopes, but we must work hard.

Man must not lose hope; hope actually springs eternal in human heart. Like if you hope for positive things then the result will be the positive, we can say that where there is a life there is a hope. Hope plays a main role in decision making process, without hope it will really hard to for anybody to make any good decision, because hope gives us continues motivation toward our ultimate target/goal, In simple words we can say that hope is like a candle in a dark place,

Student’s works hard and hope for the good marks in examination, after completing education they hope for the good career and so on, Likewise Parents plan for the future of their children, farmers hope for good crops, we can say each and everybody in this universe lives on hope, it is like balm, even you can say it is medicine of inner motivation.

A ray of hope is enough to shine the entire environment; the balm ofoptimism heel all acute pessimistics thoughts in one's mind. Hop put multiferious good effects in our social life, such as; it causes mental relief in apprehension; it provides logical wayfarward through which we can think over the situation; it represents positive picture of our future, that empower us with powerful thoughts thattell us that still goal is below our feet, it also increase our self-esteem toward success

If we conclude all the things we can say hope is constant companion of power, the mother of success, the medicine of inner motivation, the balm of all kind of pains, and the good expectation for tomorrow.


  1. Hope is a real balm of life :)

  2. hope is everything

  3. a ray of hope is enough to shine your life