Sunday 24 February 2013

Goodwill is earned by many acts, It can be lost by one

The maxim means goodwill is earned by many human acts. But it is hard to do such acts. One has to face many difficulties on his way. To maintain his reputation is even harder, because if someone misperceives, the defame goes as fast as light.

 If a benevolent wishes to build a charity home, he has to face many hurdles. He has to give full dedication, hard-earned savings, and physical efforts. He bears demotivation from people, sometime from family also. When the project is run, the fame and goodwill wait.

Individual can run the project on public donations. In this regard he may become the target of people’s mockery. He may be thought to grabbing people’s donations. Then the result is gruesome. The individual may face deadly propaganda. That is why it is said the goodwill is very ready to be lost at once if a little ping of ill fame is found.

If two countries are deeply connected to each other, they may become hostile to each other at very little quarrels. One may be victim if bad situation in country and change the foreign policy with the other. It then ends at alienation of their relation. So one has to see every weal and woe with all senses and step forward.

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