Sunday 14 March 2021

Things To Consider Before Availing Personal Loan

Availing Personal Loan from bank is getting common and even easier now a days, there was a time when it takes more than 1 month, but now you can avail it on your finger tips through your smartphone, Personal Loan can cover your short term as well as long term needs. So if you are dreaming for your brand new mobile or you are little short from your brand new car you can avail your personal loan from your bank quick and easy.

Personal loan can be avail for Home Renovation, Weeding, Medical, Purchasing Home Appliances, Vacation, etc. For above purposes you can avail Personal loan of Up to Rs 3,000,000/=. Facility of Personal loan is offering by most of the banks in Pakistan under the guide lines of SBP.

Currently Banks are offering personal loan to only salaried individuals with the age restriction of 21 years and time limitation of up to 5 years. But yes there some microfinance banks in Pakistan who is also offering personal loan to self employed (Business owners) under some conditions. 

If you want to avail Personal loan you need to carefully assess and consider the conditions on which you are Availing personal loan from your bank, because if you don't know the term and conditions the result will be problematic. So lets discuss what are the things we should consider before Availing Personal loan from bank.


Time factor is very important to consider for personal loan, because it will multiple your mark-up charged by bank against the finance amount you borrow from bank. For example, if you avail Rs 100,000/= from bank for 1 years the total EMI will cost your around Rs 120,000/= in one year, and if the same Rs 100,000/= you borrow from same bank for 5 years then total Sum of EMI in 5 years will around Rs 215,000/=. So you have to select the time frame very carefully as per your need and capacity to pay

Fixed Interest Rate Or Variable Interest Rate:

Bank deals in both Fixed Interest Rate and Variable interest rate you need to ask your banker that interest rate of my personal loan will be fixed or variable, In Fixed Interest Rate EMI( Every Month Instalment) will remain same, and in Variable interest rate EMI will fluctuate as per KIBOR and Prevailing interest rate of bank. As per my suggestion Fixed Interest Rate is most feasible one. And your goal should be ask your banker how much you are charging interest rate and compare the same with other bank interest rate and make decisions accordingly. 


The is the most important thing to consider, ask your banker before availing availing Personal loan that whether my personal loan is insured or not. For example if you avail Rs 1million from bank and you died in 2 month, who will pay the loan or instalment amount? So for this banks are offering now a days Personal loan with life insurance coverage in which loan amount will be waived off in condition of death. But keep one the in mind that secured loan is costly as compare to unsecured loan.

Finance Amount:

Always avail Personal loan as per you need amount, don't avail the loan amount excessive of your need, if you avail excess amount this thing will distribute your life financially, For example your need amount is Rs 200,000/= but you avail Rs 500,000/= , as in high loan amount you have to pay high EMI, So this will disturb your monthly budget. So don't do this.

Processing Fees:

Ask your banker, what will be the processing fees for personal loan of my desired amount and compare it with other bank processing Fees. As some banks charge fixed amount and some banks are charging on percentage basis.

Late Fees Penalty:

It happens when you forget to pay your EMI on due date, and banks are charging amount against Late Payment of Emi, So ask your banker before Availing Personal loan that what will be Late Fees Penalty if i forget to pay my EMI. 

Prepayment/ Early Settlement Penalty:

This is a Penalty for Early settlement of your personal loan, for example, You avail Personal loan of Rs 500,000/ but in 2 year you wants to settle outstanding finance amount so for settlement of that amount bank charge some penalty, some banks charge Rs 5,000 and some Charge Rs 7,000/ on per Rs 100,000/=. And some banks are charge the penalty on percentage basis. So ask your banker that what will be the early settlement Penalty. Also ask the question regarding Full payment and Partial Payment Facility and Its Penalty 

Ability To Pay EMI:

As your self that how much amount you can pay easily on every month, the best way the decide this is analyse how much salary you can save after all the expenses,  so select EMI amount option a according to your budget.


Before Availing personal loan it is better to analyse the alternate options of personal loan just like if you are government employee you may go for Advance Provided Fund loan, likewise you can also avail gold loan, Loan against insurance through which you can avail Up to 90% of your cash value and you don't need to pay any mark-up against loan. So my advice is if you want to avail personal loan you should need to analyse each option one by one.

If we summarize the things and get conclusion, Personal Loan may full fill your need but you need to analyse the factors which is discussed in this article, and ask one question from yourself that is it  really worth full to avail personal loan, is there no any option left for you rather to avail personal loan, if this is the condition you are facing than you may avail personal loan. And also try settle your loan as soon as you can because as the time increases your amount of mark-up increase also.


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