Sunday, 31 January 2021

How To Verify Phone Number In Pi Network?

This is one of the most important thing to take care while mining Pi Coins on Pi Network that whether your Pi network account Phone Number is verified or not, If your Pi Network Phone number is not Verified this is a time to verify your Phone Number In Pi Network Application, But the question in How to Verify Phone Number In Pi Network? The answer is pretty simple and clear, as we discussed earlier that Pi Network Application interface is very easy and you can Verify Your Phone Number In Pi Network by following Simple Steps. 

There are Two Options To Verify Phone Number In Pi Network,

Option 1 Is Receive a verification Code, This Option is created for US and Canada Users, and verification is done through OTP, This option is Quick and Simple.

Option 2  Is Send a code to our phone verification service, This option works for every country throughout the world, For example If you are from Pakistan, India, Australia, China, or any other country you can use this option and verify your phone number.

Lets learn Each Option Step By Step: 


Open Pi Network Application from your android application. 

Step 2

Go to the settings option of Pi Network Application,  which is encircled for your ready Reference. 

Step 3.

Go to the Profile by touch on profile button , encircled for your reference. 

Step 4.

Go to the Verify Option, encircled for your reference. 

Step 5.

If your are from US or Canada Touch on Receive Code button and shortly you will receive OTP and simply you need to enter that OTP in Your Application Required Field.

If Your are from any other country like Pakistan, india , china, Australia, South Africa or any other country you need to touch on start button.

Step 6

In this step you will be directed to your sms application just you need to send that sms from your Pi network registered number.

Step 7

You have completed the process of Phone Number verification just go back and you will see green tick after your Phone Number verification 


  1. Replies
    1. I have send code on number but my number is not verified

    2. I have send code on number but my number is not verified

    3. I have send code but it's not verified

  2. Thanks for this advice I has been exploring all Yahoo to discover it! cryptocurrency

  3. Can i regester my number in pakistan?

  4. Good to know, it's just the "in USA" that throws you.

  5. I couldn't verify my number. I followed same procedure but my number didn't verified. It still say unverified

    1. I have also followed the same procedure, but it didn't work as well, I am from Pakistan

  6. I alrady sent code to USA number but my phone number is still not verfiyed.
    Now i dont know how i can compmete the verefication of my number

  7. It is working for ufone number
    . Thank you

  8. no matter what I do, the app simply says, "waiting for verification result" but never finished. This is done from South Africa

  9. Ya my phone number is also not verified

  10. Sir...Normal unlimited pack currency won't works to isd sms...So pls recharge top of 10 rs....Then u will get verification....

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  12. sir what's app text just one problem please on text 03000432193

  13. I tried to send the code but sms not sent
    I'm from Nigeria