Sunday 17 January 2021

How To Get Registered In STS (SIBA Testing Services)

STS (SIBA Testing Services) is established by Sukkur IBA University, For conducting the test for Admission and Hiring (Recruitment). So many of students and job aspirants always thinking that how to get registered in STS. So Today Through this informative article you will know and able to register your self in STS for Multiple Job Vacancies and Admission.

Lets learn how get registered in STS( SIBA Testing Services) Step By Step.


In Step 1, you have both options, you may use google search engine by writing "STS" or you may direct visit the Website of STS, Which is

STS (SIBA Testing Services) Search Engine Result, Click On STS Website


After Opening the Web Portal of STS, Click On Open Vacancies.

Click On Open Vacancies


As you click on Open Vacancies, a new window will be open, Now click On "Create An Account"
 Click On Create An Account


Now In this step you have to fill the information as per your CNIC, You have to fill the field of Full Name as per CNIC, Enter your CNIC Number, Enter Your Valid Mobile Number, and finally You have to enter your valid email address, And Click On Send OTP Code.

As you click on Send OTP Code, you will receive OTP code on your mobile phone which you have entered earlier. Now enter your OTP Code in required field. After this you will receive your password on your mobile phone.   
Fill the Required Field and Send OTP Code On Mobile Number, Enter OTP Code which is Received On Mobile Number. And You will Get Your Login Password. 

   STEP 5

Here you Go, You have successfully Registered in STS (SIBA Testing Services), Enter Your CNIC Number and Enter Your Password Which you have received From Mobile Number, And Click On Login.