Sunday 20 September 2020

Four Things You Should Never Do In Your Life

 Life is full of multiple experiences, and a one bad move in your life will create disaster in life. Actually we do things in our life based on our past experience but believe me it is not a good decision. However there is good chance that things will be as it was earlier but what if things change and result will be you will face new music of life.

Today we will talk about four things that you should avoid in your life in any circumstances.

1. Do Not Make partnership Business With Anyone Even He Is Your Brother.

The reason behind this is in our country we do partnership business without completing the legal paper work. and the result will be the one who is in more power will capture the more profit whether his  investment in business is more or less. In our regional language we use to say about this is (Jeko Daadho So Gaabo). But If you complete all the legal documents which are very important for partnership Business, You may do the partnership business

2. Do No Go Out Of Country For Job.

Country is your mother, and it is not justifiable act to leave your mother after completing a certain level of education. and believe me those who do this act in his life always remain in trouble because in other country you always be a outsider for them. on the other hand they charge you high amount of taxes against and if you calculate your salary as compare to your home country the net amount will be same. So me advice for you that if you want to do job, do in your country, If you want to Start business, Start in your country.

3. Do Not Get Only Education.

In our Country, When we are in college or university we only get education, Just like in morning we use to go university and in evening we go for tuition center, In way we keep our self away from practical life. this best thing we can do is try to start a small business and try to do a part time job while studying, In This way we connect our self with Professional world and win the race.

4. Do Not Go For Shortcuts.

If you understand the logic behind this thing you will win the race of life. Actually if you want to achieve any big thing in your life then you have to work it. and those believe on shortcuts will definitely cry one day or another. I personally know soo many people who start their career through shortcuts, now they are crying that why they have not properly work for it.

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