Saturday 11 July 2020

Should I Start My Own Business?

After completing my MBA Finance, i joined banking sector and come to know that you have to work for more than 10 hours a day, sounds like stupid, how is it posible to work non-stop for 10 hours?, My dear friends honestly iam telling you the truth regarding private sector job specially banking sector in pakistan, i still remember the days when i have to run EOD( End Of The Day) and without running EOD you are not suppose to leave the branch and you have to Sit for late hours for complete the process, So in this way you have to work for more than 12 hours a day. Tell me one thing here if you going back to your home at 9Pm will you manage your social life? A BIG NO...
My dear friends even you can not manage you personal life, your life become a big disaster if the same routin will be for one or two years. A research says that we humans are social animals we need time to balance the Work Life Balance.

So what to do now? How to earn money with managing Work Life balance formul? The answer is not as much difficult as many people think. Basically mostly people think that they are paid more as compare to the work they do in organization. And they assume that if they leave their job there is no any other option to earn money and they start believing that this job is everything for them.

As per research if an employer is offering you the salary of Rs 30,000/= per month, believe me he will get the workdone from you that is worth of more than Rs 3,000,000/=, So why not you are working for yourself?

Believe me friend i know lots of people who take initiative and start there own business or start freelancing and earning their whole year salary in a month. Yesterday i meet with my Ex branch manager who resign from job after completing their 18 years in private sector, now he has started his own business of Fast Food near to his home and Alhamdulillah he is earning far more than his salary. So in this way he is Financially and mentally stable.

If a person who spend 18 years in private sector can start own business, why can't we start? In business you will get higher the Money as compare to job, higher the power, higher the work life balance, you will learn more and you can do more for your country.

You will find many people in your life specially at your workplace who will stop you to start your own business, these people are those who don't want to change their life, they don't  want to be their own boss. So don't listen to them, you are the only responsible for your life now its your choice to be employee or to become an employer. Life is full of risk but the smart one always take calculated risk and play with it. 

In last i want to tell you that if you start from today, you will find your self in far better place after 5 years, with Wealth and good health.

So start your business today and give time to yourself, your family, your friends and your loved ones. Life is too short, Live it very smartly.

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