Wednesday 24 June 2020

How To Turn Off The Beeping Noise of Inverex Ups Nitrox Series

Beeping sound of any UPS is always disturbing, but don't worry if you have inverex nitrox series UPS you can easily mute your UPS from all kind of faults, I.e low battery, frequency error etc.

To turn off / disable the beeping of your UPS you have to follow below easy steps.
In my case iam using Inverex Nitrox Series 5 KW SP Hybrid. 

So this is my Inverex Nitrox Series 5 KW SP Hybrid, Now let's mute it from beeping. 

First thin first you have to go to your settings option by touching on settings option which I have circled for you in above picture. 

Touch on Basic Setting option, encircled in above picture for your ready reference. 

Uncheck the Beep bar, like I have unchecked in my UPS.

In last touch on done option which i have encircled in above picture. 

Your problem resolve, No more Beeping disturbances/ noise in your UPS.

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