Monday 26 May 2014

Ufone 3G Packages For Prepaid Customers

Do you want to know the current  Ufone 3G Packages For Prepaid Customers? if your answer is YES, then you are at the right place, because through this informative article you will be able to know the Current and latest Packages of ufone Prepaid 3G. With the help of this article you will get Complete information regarding the current packages of Ufone Prepaid 3G. Now the only thing you have to do is visit frequently in this Website for the current and up-to-date information of Ufone 3G Prepaid Packages. Below you can find the complete list of Ufone 3G Prepaid Packages.

256 KB/S Subscription Charges Validity Volume Check Remaining Volume
Half Day *810# 5 Rupees Half Day (20 Hrs) 50 MB *706#
Daily *804# 10 Rupees 1 Day 40 MB *706#
Weekly *7811# 50 Rupees 1 Week 250 MB *706#
Monthly *7807# 200 Rupees 1 Month 1 GB *706#
Monthly *5506# 250 Rupees 1 Month 1.5 GB *706#
Monthly *803# 500 Rupees 1 Month 3 GB *706#

512 KB/SSubscriptionChargesValidityVolumeCheck Remaining Volume
Weekly*7814#75 Rupees1 Week250 MB*706#
Monthly*7809#400 Rupees1 Month1 GB*706#
Monthly*5507#550 Rupees1 Month1.5 GB*706#
Monthly*8031#800 Rupees1 Month3 GB*706#

1 MB/SSubscriptionChargesValidityVolumeCheck Remaining Volume
Weekly*7815#125 Rupees1 Week250 MB*706#
Monthly*7810#550 Rupees1 Month1 GB*706#
Monthly*5508#675 Rupees1 Month1.5 GB*706#
Monthly*8032#1250 Rupees1 Month3 GB*706#

3 MB/SSubscriptionChargesValidityVolumeCheck Remaining Volume
Monthly*813#725 Rupees1 Month1 GB*706#
Monthly*814#900 Rupees1 Month1.5 GB*706#
Monthly*815#1500 Rupees1 Month3 GB*706#

There are certain things that you have keep in your mind, like in the charges of packages taxes are not included, so before subscribing any package first verify that you have sufficient amount of balance in your Ufone Prepaid Sim to cover all the taxes that is included that package. If you want to know more about the Tax structure then you have visit the official website of Ufone. 

(Date of update =26/05/2014)


  1. tell me something about telenor 3g please

  2. I want to use 3g service in my QMobile. Please tell me how can I use 3g service in my QMobile.

    1. Sohail if you want to use 3G in your Qmobile then first thing you have to do is to verify that your Qmobile is 3G supported or not, if your Qmobile is 3G supported then you can use 3G Service in you Qmobile

  3. once again ufone proves that ufone is #1 service in pakistan

    1. Yes Rehan no doubt ufone is the leading network in pakistan, and their packages are very attractive

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