Thursday 8 August 2013

How To Move Blog From One Google Account To Another

Do you want to learn that how to move your blogger Blog from your one google account to another? if yes then you are at right place. After reading my this special articl regarding blogging, you will be able to Move/Transfer your Blog from your one Gmail/Google account to another google account, but for that you have to give to your 110% concentration toward this articl.

Besically in one google account you can perform you each and every task, you can Store you files, you can send email to your friends and family, you can make playlist on youtube, and even you can earn money through google adsense, for google adsense you have to make a blog and add good quility of content on that blog. Now come back to our main topic and that is How to move blog from one account to another, so for moving or transferring your blog from one account to another account you have to follow certain steps.

"Before Starting Steps, First Keep In Your Mind That, "Google Account 1" is a account in which currently you have a blog, and "Google Account 2" is a account in which you want to transfer your blog."

Step 1 :
In Step one you are suppose to open your Google/ Gmail Account 1 in which you have a blog currently, and then go to the, and go to the Dashboard of your blog.

Step2 :
After Completing Step 1, Now click on Setting Button, in this Menu you will find lots of other functions regarding the setting of your blog, but you have to click on "+Add Authors" Button..

Step 3:
Now in Step 3, Write your new gmail account or the google account 2 on which want to Transfer/Move your blog, and click on "Invite Authors" Button.

Step 4:
Step 4 is very complicated step, in this step Sign out from blog Google account (Account 1), and Signin to your new account on which you want to Transfer your Blog (Google Account 2), and then go to the inbox of that account (Account 2 account), and accept the invitation that you had sent from your previous account. after accepting Authors invitation, now go back and sign in to your Google Account 1, and go the Setting of your blog, now Set your new Google account 2 from "Author" to "Admin". 

Step 5:
After the Step 4, Now Signout from Google Account 1, and Sign in to Google Account 2, on which you want to move your blog, and go the Setting Menu of your blog, now you will see two admins of your blog, 1st Your previous Google Account 1, and 2nd your new google account 2, now just click on Cross sign, or simply delete your previous Google Account 1 from Setting of your blogger. Your Blogger Has been Moved From your one google account 1 to another google account.2

Congratulation, You have learned how to Transfer/Move Blogspot Blog From One Google Account/Gmail Account To Another Gmail Account.


  1. thanks u sir you just solved my problem

    1. Thanks For Appriciation Zubair :), Keep Visiting PassionPk

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