Saturday 17 August 2013

Effects Of Energy Crisis In Pakistan

Energy crisis in our beloved country Pakistan has brutally affected the whole organizations and even we can say complete system of Pakistan. We can see that hundreds and thousands of manufacturing units that do not contain their own power generation capacity like producing energy through heavy power generators or in some cases through solar systems, these manufacturing companies are closing down with the high rate, and in the result the rate of unemployment of our country is also increasing.  As we know that most of the enterprises even cannot be operate economically when power (Electricity) is accessible just only for few hours in a whole day, this condition again varies in different cities of Pakistan, and you can assume that if this is a situation of our big industrial cities then what would be the situation of our villages and the innocent villagers.
If we look at some statistics the current condition on the ground is in the state of improving after the change of government but in some cities it is moving towards worse conditions. The Need and Supply gap of electricity that creates shortage of electricity in our country. In some cities of Pakistan Load shedding has increased from six to eight hours in a whole day to 12 to 18 hours, The common and innocent general public are suffering very badly and on the other hands our economy is affected badly too. Due to high energy shortage, Pakistan had a trade deficit roughly equivalent to 9.34 percent of its GDP in 2007-08 and now in Pakistan unemployment rate is about (6.19) in 2010 which was (3.85) in 1983, now you can feel the difference.

Unfortunately, unluckily, and sadly  in Pakistan, in spite of availability of all huge natural resources that are required to produce electricity, real solution to meet the energy requirement of the nation have never been achieved. As a result we can see in our beloved country Pakistan, Pakistan’s economic, industrial, and social growth has been greatly suffered, and Pakistani peoples are facing very big problems due to the crisis of electricity or Energy.

So my message to each and every Pakistani people is that, Use electricity Efficiently, Pay your bills regularly, and please don’t do power pilfering. Be a sensible citizen of this beautiful nation.


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