Wednesday 10 July 2013

Three Ashra's Of Ramadan Kareem

The holy month Ramadan is about to come and the blessings of Allah subhana wa tala increased by seventy times, it is the holy month of Ramadan in which Allah showers his blessings in such a way that he blesses, he forgives, and he expels from hell.

First ten days of Ramadan Kareem or first Ashra is the Ashra of Blessing (Rehmat) in this ashra try your level best to ask his rehmat and recite this dua...

Second Ashra or 11-20 rozahs of Ramadan Kareem are of maghfirat (Litanies)  in this Ashra kneel down to Allah and ask for maghfirat (Litanies) and do touba (Repentance) that you will not do sins again he-The gafoor ur raheem will inshallah forgive you. Try to pray Salat ul tasbeeh it is a four rakaat nafil namaz if you perform then it is a promise from God that he will forgive your sins that intentional or unintentional new or old, Sagira (Type of sin for which you don't need to do touba) or Kabeerah ( Type of sin which are not forgiven unless you asked touba) .. So try to pray this salah daily if you can't then perform weekly if you can’t then perform in a month if you can't then pray in a year if it is even not posible just perform once in a lifetime it is the order from our beloved prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

There is a common thinking of people why we do touba (Repentance) when we will definitely do sins, This is wrong you should do touba (Repentance) inspite of the fact that you will not leave sins, by doing this you will get two benefits.

1: One day you will realize that you were on wrong path and finally leave sins
2: if you don't stop yourself from doing sins then at least on the day of death you have less burden of sins because you already asked for forgiveness.

Also recite this dua in second Ashra Of Ramadan Kareem.


Last but not least, last ashra is jahanum se azadi or Nijat, in this Ashra recite this dua and ask Allah to expel you and all ummat e muslimah from hell because when three times you asked for expelling then hell also pray for you to expel you from it.

In last ashra of Ramadan Kareem you gain more benefits by sitting in itikaf .in last ten days of Ramadan Kareem Allah gives Muslims a gift of Lailatul Qadr, Night on which Quran pak revealed, It is the night of blessings if you stay awake and pray then you will get reward of standing many nights in front of Allah, but this night is hidden in 21,23,25,27 and in 29th Ramadan Kareem, so we Muslims have to search it in between these nights by praying in all nights so don’t waste your time in such a rewardful month in shopping and other useless stuff specially on chand rat also because that night Allah also forgives many peoples and Allah fulfill your duas it is same as when labor works whole day then in evening he gets its pay same is in the case of Ramadan at last night Allah giving us and we people waste our precious time in a useless activities


  1. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (sawm), prayer, reflection and community.A commemoration of Muhammad's first revelation, the annual observance of Ramadan is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam and lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, from one sighting of the crescent moon to the next.

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  2. Ramadan is considered one of the holiest months of the year for Muslims. In Ramadan, Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Qur’an, and fast from food and drink during the sunlit hours as a means of drawing closer to God and cultivating self-control, gratitude, and compassion for those less fortunate. Ramadan is a month of intense spiritual rejuvenation with a heightened focus on devotion, during which Muslims spend extra time reading the Qur’an and performing special prayers. Those unable to fast, such as pregnant or nursing women, the sick, or elderly people and children, are exempt from fasting.

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