Friday 26 July 2013

Lack Of Good Governance In Pakistan

The effort and struggle for Pakistan was really inimitable, Few parallels in the chronicles of history. It transcended ethnic, Communicative and cultural differences blend into a extremly powerful movement results into the independence of Pakistan or we can say Creation of a Pakistan. However, the post independent era of this country hasn't been so good and wealthy. It depicts gloomy picture of economy, political rivalry and institutional instability. Resultant  the country has not developed as such as it comprises potential and energy.

The country lost her founder when she needed stable political structure. This caused political instability. Such political disfunctioning  paved the way for dictatorship in new born country. Owing to this political rivalry the country faced Bangladesh tragedy. Within 24 years of life the country lost approximately half of it's area . After that frequent military attacks  on democracy further damaged the country's good governance. The history of Pakistan shows that prevalent bad governance and military intervention in politics has damaged the social, political and economic scenario of the country. Therefore, it is the need of hour that all the political parties and Pakistan army must enforce democracy in Pakistan. A strong democracy yield good governance, and good governance is directly proportional to economic development and prosperity. “Mehran Mukhtiar”

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