Saturday 13 April 2013

Sindhi Ralli Quilt

Traditional quilt made by women specially in the areas of Sindh - province of our beloved country Pakistan - are known as a ralli or rille in those local areas. Except Pakistan it is also made in India and its surrounding day by day ralli is getting popular and now recognized on internal also. Ralli (Rille) usually made at home by stitching small pieces of clothes, such pieces are cut and stitched in such a way that after completion it shows a wonderful and colorful floral art because these ladies use different color of clothes, mostly they use hand died or spare clothes which by these artistic ladies recycled in such a good way that sometimes it becomes bed cover some times cushion etc., ralli is the cultural symbol and identity of Sindh along with sindhi topic and sindhi ajrak.There are three types of Ralli (Rille),

Ralli are classified into Three groups according to work done on it.
Applique : It is art of needle through which piece of fabric sewing on another fabric in such a way that it create design this technique is come after patching so those rallies have applique done on it are known as appliqued rallli.

Patched: Now what is patched or patch work , long ago when fabric tear then people use another piece of cloth to hide that tiered part by sewing that part on it and that is patch and patched ralli same thing where women used different cloths and patch on it and here comes patch ralli.

Embroidery: These quilts generally used large or patched cloth and using colors thread, have stitching in embroidery designs go through all the layers of cloth.

Traditional Colors of Ralli:
There are seven traditional colors of Ralli, i.e. white, black, red, yellow ,purple, orange, green and blue and they are called Satrangi.

Ralli quilt tells many stories, It tells the story of the natural creativity and love of color and design and hard work of the women who create them, Every Ralli (Rille) tells the story of power of the tradition and culture. The basic designs and ideas of Rallis have been passed from mother to daughter and so on and the live of the people who made such a difficult work are woven into each piece

These are Some Traditional Sindhi Ralli (Rilli) Quilt Designs


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  2. I really proud to our ladies to create an idea of waste material or recycle the product