Thursday 21 March 2013

Seperatist Nature Of Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman

Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman was completely a pro-independence (separatist) leader of East Pakistan (Bangladesh). On that time he had a full support of India (Hindustan) at his back. His top secret meetings with Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi and other officials of Indian Intelligence agency (IIA) and his 6 points formula was undoubtedly proved that he was really a pro-independence leader, he wants to separate East and West Pakistan and he had a full support of indian leaders, Army and Indian intelligence agencies.

Mujeeb-ur-rehman was representing a separatist political thinking of Bangladeshi peoples and political leaders. Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman raised and announced the separate flag of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) on 23rdMarch 1971 and was arrested just after this event.

In one of his statements given to Foreign Ministers of Iran and Turkey after elections of 7th December 1970 he said “I would really like to become the Creator of Bangladesh as an alternative of becoming the New Prime Minister of Pakistan". Apart from this, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi in one of his speech also stated Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman as his beloved son.

In simple word we can say that Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman was completely biased against Pakistan, and just wanted a separate nation Bangladesh for Bangladeshi people, a financially powerful nation was the dream of Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman, according to me that is why he did not reconciliate without 6 points formula. On 3rd Jan 1971 in Rimna Racecourse Dhaka Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-rehman stated that "In any case we will not find any middle ground on 6 points formula at any case and we will demolish every stumbling block which will come in this way." Finally his desire becomes the reality on 16th Dec 1971 as a result of FALL OF DHAKA (EAST PAKISTAN) 1971, and he said “Finally my 24 years old dream of freedom is fulfilled”

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