Saturday 9 February 2013

Importance Of Tolerance In Society

A society is a blend of many kind of diverse people who are living jointly,  We cannot stay alive in society without collaboration, Because we all are human and we have to live together.  According to me patience or in other words we can say tolerance is actually the ability to bear opposition without venting protest.  Actually patience or we can say tolerance is the best way to promotes love, and one of the best way to increase social relationship.

Tolerance promotes an atmosphere of brotherhood peace and stability in whole society. Tolerance develops a sense of brotherhood, Peace and stability and we can say ultimately Tolerance is the best way of avoiding conflicts.

Our Holy Prophet emphasized a lot on tolerance among Muslims because it is the best way of developing social relations amongst each other. In Quran Allah says that “Allah is with those who show tolerance” which is a evidence enough for Muslims to practice it fervently.

If we conclude all things we can get the idea that Tolerance is actually the Capacity or we can say Ability of respecting other, and we know that respect is actually the two way street because to get respect from others you must give respect to others.

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