Sunday 17 February 2013

How To Overcome The Barriers In Effective Decision Making?

You as a manager make many decisions in your life. Some are very much easy and some are very much complex. To take more effective decisions you must follow have to take care of the following steps in order to overcome the barriers in effective decision making.

Many people do not think before taking decisions. So in order to have an effective decision you must think for a while and analyze that what are causes of the problem, then make a list of the alternatives then choose the best one from them. After brainstorming you must get help from your employees, family and friends, and also from the one who has experience, in order to have the possible means to understand the implantation of your decision.

The most important strategy while taking decision is to keep an eye on your goal. You as a manager must have to take care of the organizational goals and interests while taking decisions. You must know what are the needs of the problem that are required to be solved? And why these should be solved? In this way you can be able make an effective decision because when you know that why you are making a decision, it will make you to stick with it and defend it.

This is the key step of effective decision making because in this you will be asking yourself that what the results of your decision are. How it will affect your organization. Whether the decision you are taking is in the favor of organization or not?  It is important step because it will make you able to understand the pros and cons of your decision that you are going to take.

Once you have made the final decision and took an action towards it then you must have to evaluate your decision in order check whether your actions are working in a right manner or not. And you should give yourself permission to be okay with any failure that may arise because there is not any magic formula for effective decision making. It is a type of a risk that you can control by following such steps. You must take care of the “timing” because timing matters a lot in taking actions towards decision making. You must avoid poor timing and take actions whenever these are required and do not make higher expectations from any of your decisions and always be optimistic.

A well organized decision-making process usually leads to the effective decision-making. Without a well-defined process, you take high risk in making decisions that are based on inappropriate information and analysis. Many variables can affect the final impact of your decision. However, if you establish strong base for decision making, make good alternatives, evaluate these alternatives thoroughly, and then check your decision-making process, you will improve the quality of your decisions.

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