Sunday 13 January 2013

How To Get Approved For Google AdSense

Creating Google adsense account is not a easy game, Even there are Soo many websites that offers you adsense account but according to me all of these tricks are useless. if you really want adsense account and earn online money, So you have to work hard and give some of your serious time on internet..There are certain things that you have to check in your website/blog if you want to create Google adsense account and starts earning dollars Online.

The most frequent online question regarding to Google adsense is. "Why Google Adsense Is Not Approving My Request"

Well According to me the best answer of this question is you are not sincere with you job that is why Google adsense is not Aporoving you Request.Specially pakistani bloggers are suffering from this sort of problems, So the Key Solution of this Problem is following things.

Age of your website/blog can play a very big role in the process of approving the Google adsense account, Specially Pakistani blog should have atleast 6month old for google adsense account. means your blog/website should be a 6month old, otherwise mostly you will get disapproving message from Google Adsense.

Content is the KING and Google really like original or fresh content, means content should not be copy from anywhere specially from internet. if content is Copied from another website/blog then in the result Google will not approve your request. and there should be atleast 100 fresh or original posts if you are blogger..

Private Domain Name:
Google really prefer those website or blogs who have their own private domain name instead of sub-domain name. so before sending request to google for google adsense keep one thing in your mind that you have your own domain name, Specially ".Com" or ".Net".

Gmail Account:
Gmail Account is very Important for Google adsense, Without Gmail account you can't create Google adsense, and even can't send request for Google adsense.

All of above things are based on my experience and it will surely will help you to make Google adsense account. So don't waste you time, Do some efforts in writing good article, because always remember one thing. Content is the KING..
If You follow all of the above things, So there will be 99% chance to get approved for Google adsense Account.