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Respect is a polite behaviour prompted by spirit of regard for somebody or something. “Respect is a feeling of admiration for somebody/something because of their good qualities or achievements.” It is demonstrated in some ways mainly oral and physical. Beautiful words, befitting body language such as facial gestures and physical compliments are some means of paying somebody respect. You respect someone from the core of your heart because he/she deserves it, commands it and enjoys it duly. Respect is felt within, reflected through demeanor and behaviour and deeply rooted in one’s heart, mind and soul. Respect can’t be had from the market-place, nor can it be transferred on personal level, nor exchanged for money. Respect is an asset that you own as a reward for your good moral conduct, lofty manners and unblemished character. It is a wealth that you proudly own and enjoy, silently command and rightly receive. “Love begets love, respect begets respect”, is a well-said celebrated proverb. The respect you pay to  others, entitles you to get respect in return. A sincerely and affectionately practised good deed is likely and aptly to breed another good deed.
Same is true of true respect that springs from very depths of one’s heart. It works as a wonder on the mind and heart of its recipient, who, most likely, pays in the same coin next time, if not instantly. A person who respects others looks respectful, but, in fact, he/she makes himself/herself respectable in the eyes of people he/she comes across or deals with. Paying respects to others doesn’t cost anything except some care, love and humbleness for fellowmen, but it pays much in the shape of invaluable reward, contentment peace and sense of honour.

There are tens of thousands of people in the world who are from humble origins. They are unknown to most of their respective countrymen, the most powerful, wealthy and influential people. Obviously, they are men of straw, unworthy of respect and hollow dwelling in a wasteland. But to the people who have sense of self-respect and hold human and moral values high can judge their human dignity, respect and importance above 
everything else. Such humble people that possess good moral character are worthy of respect. They are known for the truth they profess and noble deeds they practise. They command respect in society and enjoy a sense of true respect and great enviable station of life. Heaps of riches can’t be equal to the worth of the respect they are paid selflessly, humbly and sincerely in their everyday life.

Real respect is foreign to them who don’t respect others. Since they lack sense of respect and value of sense of honour, they are devoid of such superb qualities as respectability, gentlemanliness and gentility. Such people that neglect and underrate others on the bases of colour, caste, creed and blood miss company and blessings of those great souls who dwell in the world of simplicity, austerity and moderation and enjoy peace, 
tranquility and contentment. Such great souls seldom pretend to be so called respectable  members of society. Rather, they make others respect them whole-heartedly and sincerely. They beget love in the hearts of their benefactors and command respect in true sense of the word. Such real respect can be discerned and valued by and ingrained in the  hearts of respectable souls to whom respect is an invaluable asset and imperishable personal possession.

In this selfish, degenerated and spoilt world where time-servers, opportunists and malefactors dwell in a huge number, where innocent and thorough gentlemen are exploited by wicked and greedy people who feather their own nest, disregard all human and moral values and hit below the belt the people who come across them, one can find people who are worthy of respect, selfless friendship, superb human relations and great 
actions of life. They know well how to get accustomed to respectable principles of life, great etiquettes and enviable manners and worthy practicable norms of life. By virtue of their affable person, sweet nature and cordial relations with their dear ones, they are held high by the people who are enamoured of qualities of their head and heart; they take respect as a hard-earned wealth and carefully maintained and preserved possession.

Diligently and nobly sought respect speaks of its genuineness and reflects its glamour and grandeur in all the walks of one’s life like a precious diamond perfectly studded in a brilliant precious crown of a monarch or a scepter of an emperor or potentate. They who behave themselves and mind self-esteem deserve  love  and respect of those people who feel great about their noble qualities that invoke awe and respect in their hearts for those respectable and magnanimous souls.

Conclusion:  Respect is much sought for a state of high position in which every sensible person wants to pay it to others and aspires to be in much respectable position himself. It is a wild goose chase for those people who want to gain it with disrespectable means and without paying respect to others, who verily deserve it, value it and enjoy it. Respect is a state in which one feels honored, loved and regarded as an important person in the eyes of people. Respect also makes one hold all those people high who deserve it and command it. Respectable station of life once attained ought to be maintained for it is a greatest meritorious position ever reached by man in his life. Respect is a wealth that values above everything else. It makes one honourable in the eyes of one’s countrymen, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Man is mortal; he ultimately  dies even after longevity, if he fortunately gets to enjoy a pretty long one. But the respect he enjoyed in his life leaves behind an indelible imprint of his personality for quite  some time. His friends and acquaintances keep paying him homage continually even long after his death. In case he/she was an eminent person, a hero or legend, his / her death anniversary is commemorated with profound reverence regularly. It transpires from the forgoing account that respect is a wonderful possession of man that he gets after a pretty long practice of good moral character, and that respect is commanded not demanded.

(Created by: Prof. Ghulam Hussain Manganhar, Words: 1041) 

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