Saturday 2 June 2012

The Value Of Science In Every Day Life In Pakistan

We Live in the age of science, New scientific invention revolutionized human life. The comforts of daily life have also been so increased, and the distances between countries have been so minimized and now we can see that the entire world seems like a Big Town, and this World now became a global village.

In this scientific age our means of transport have undergone very drastic changes, Donkey Carts and Horse Wagons have given place to motor cycles, cars, buses and trucks. Today we can move faster than our legs can carry us. The discovery of steam power and electricity has worked big wonders in our  life. Power looms are taking the place of hand looms, and big industries are being worked with the force of steams, gas and electricity. Thus the wealth of nations has increased and the world is marching towards happiness and comfort.

Science  Has also done big wonders in the world of medicine, Treatment by X-ray and radio-active waves is one of the great wonders of science, difficult surgical operations have became routine these days, and many diseases like Smallpox, plague, Tb and Cancer Have been controlled with the help of Science.

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