Saturday 2 June 2012

How To Take Care Of Teeth

Our teeth are very important Body Part for us. A Healthy teeth can make our life more healthy. Healthy and Regular teeth make us good looking and beautiful and it makes our smile and laughter more beautiful and pleasant . Teeth help us in biting, chewing and crushing the solid food, after crushing they mix up the solid food with saliva, and this makes the food easy to digest, thus we can say that teeth play a vital role in the digestion of food.

We should take good care of our teeth, just like eating too many sweets and ice-creams is harmful for our teeth, so we should avoid to eat too many sweets and ice-creams, teeth is gift of God so it is now our responsibility to take care of our teeth, Like we should avoid to drink very hot and very cold water, we should not try to crush and break very hard food. it may injure our teeth and our gums.

To make our teeth always healthy and strong we should Clean our teeth regularly, we should Brush our teeth in morning night, we should use a good tooth-paste and a good brush. and in last when ever there is any problem we should go to our dentist for diagnose and solve the problem. In this way your teeth will remains always healthy and Strong.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have heard many stories of people struggling with jaw surgeries and operations because they’re having problems with their teeth. It would be best to take care of your teeth to maintain strong and health teeth.

    Landon Heath