Monday 4 June 2012

Benefits Of Milk

Milk is known as a Complete food, One glass of fresh milk daily is very necessary for our body.milk is good for people of all ages, But it is very important for Children Specially, and it is essential for infants as it is the only form of food they can only digest easily.

A Fresh Glass Of milk Contents Vitamins and minerals. These Vitamins and minerals are very essential for our body building. Milk gives us health, growth and strength, as we know that milk is mainly obtained from cows.

Milk is used in various forms, It can be taken directly, It can be added to Tea, Coffee and many other drinks. Milk Should always be kept in clean Containers, Milk Should be properly boiled before use. Over boiling should be avoided

According to Benefits there is no any single Substitute  of milk, milk is full of energy. now can see those persons who have to habit of drinking milk daily , these people are very energetic and powerful, Milk is The Gift Of God To we People

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