Sunday 27 May 2012

Correct Use Of ‘The’ Article

1.    ‘The’ is Something used to indicate a particular Kind; For Example “ The Lion is the king”   (Here we can see that One individual represents the whole race)

Note:- The Two nouns man and woman, when used in a general sense to denote the whole class or kind, never take a article, For Example “ Woman is Man’s Friend”

2. When ‘The’ is Placed before a common noun, it sometimes gives the meaning of an abstract noun, For Example “ He Allowed the father in him to be ruled by the judge”

3. As an Exception, the following kinds of proper nouns take a definite articles before them

  • Names Of Rive, For example “The Indus” , “The Ravi”, The Jhelum” Etc
  • Names Of Islands, For example “ The East indies”
  • Names of Ranges
  • Names Of Gulf
  • Names Of countries
  • Names of Classics
  • Names Of Things That are Unique

4. ‘The’ is Also Used Superlatives, Before an adjectives, With Comparatives


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